The GutifyMe App

A simple, user-friendly way to understand and improve your gut health.

The Right Solution

The GutifyMe app is designed to swiftly assess your gut health and identify digestive concerns. We are your gateway to a network of carefully vetted experts who possess the knowledge and tools to diagnose, educate, and guide you towards an enhanced quality of life. Unlock the path to better digestive wellness today, and let us empower you to thrive.


How it Works

The GutifyMe process is proven and simple. Using an easy-to-answer questionnaire, we develop an initial profile of you and your unique digestive concerns and needs. From there, we introduce you to the perfect health providers and specialists who will collaborate with you to craft a personalized wellness plan. GutifyMe empowers you with the confidence and tools to embark on your journey towards digestive wellness.


GutifyMe Profile 


Kickstart your GutifyMe journey with the first step and personalize your experience by creating a tailored profile. Here, you will provide essential information to enhance your journey.




In this step, gain valuable insights into your dietary habits. Engage with a series of thought-provoking questions that touch on food restrictions, your consumption of healthy foods, meal preparation, and the portion of your diet that consists of processed foods.




Next, delve deeper into your lifestyle. Respond to questions regarding your overall wellbeing, covering aspects such as hydration, physical activity, stress management, sleep quality, and relaxation practices.




Finally, proceed to the last step to address your overall health. This includes any chronic illnesses you may have, specific digestive symptoms like bloating, reflux, gas, or pain, and any other general health concerns you'd like us to know about. 




With your unique digestive profile ready to go, we then connect you with carefully screened and expertly curated specialists who are handpicked to cater to your specific needs and ensure a comprehensive approach to enhancing your overall health and wellbeing.


A Holistic Approach

You are truly unique, and your path to optimal gut health should reflect that individuality. At GutifyMe, we embrace the philosophy of tailor-made solutions, leveraging our team's extensive background in the medical and wellness sectors. Our platform is designed to empower individuals to discover their own distinctive path to wellbeing. Your journey is as unique as you are, and GutifyMe is here to help you unlock your one-of-a-kind solution.


"Good gut health is linked to our immune systems, mental health, and overall wellness. With a fifth or more of the US population suffering from common digestive disorders,  it's clear that a fresh, innovative approach to managing gut health is not just needed; it's essential."


 - Amandine Lefebvre, Founder & CEO


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